The Mayor’s greetings

Dear Visitor, Dear Guests,

Welcome to our homepage!

Nagykovácsi is our home. We live here in this dynamically developing village with our children, parents, friends and neighbours, in the heart of the Nagykovácsi Basin located at the northern part of the county of Pest.

According to the very first written records, our settlement can look back on long traditions: a charter dated 1254 gives an account of Béla IV donating the village of royal smiths to the son of Lórinc Kókai named Egyed. Nowadays – just like in the previous century –, this area has become a popular tourist destination for the weekends.

Those visiting us can take Bus line No. 63 that is part of the public transport of Budapest, or come by car or bicycle. Irrespective of the means of transport, one can gradually leave the big city bustle, the crowded buildings and noisy streets behind. Owing to the sun-drenched foliage of the breezy trees bordering the only access road, the traveller can arrive spiritually transformed at our village embracing the quiet and peaceful valley.

Due to the enchanting natural environment and the valleys surrounded by mountains, a multeity of nature lovers, school groups, sportsmen and people looking for relaxation do regularly visit us. This kind of popularity entails a great deal of responsibility since the continued development of built environment and services as well as the maintenance and supervision of natural assets was and will be a priority task of both the municipality and the people living here. We are convinced that whoever had a chance to catch a glimpse of our little world will be a returning guest in the future!

Please welcome our website as fondly as we do welcome our guests in Nagykovácsi.

In the name of the Municipality of Nagykovácsi and the hospitable citizens of the village:
Mrs. Kiszel Katalin Mohos, Mayor